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Dark Pop | Phoenix, Arizona

Hey hey, I’m Miss Krystle, a dark pop artist and entrepreneur, and I’ve forged my own path in the music industry. I make my own music video, music, and negotiate all my deals. My music is in TV/film shows on Disney+, Hulu, and Primetime, and I run my career the way I want. With my own record label and collaboration with music producer That Orko, we've achieved chart-topping success. As a TEDx speaker, I passionately advocate for independent artists. The MK fam is 500k strong on social media, and we’re only getting started.

Here's some random stuff about me, enjoy.

1. If your music had an ice cream flavor, what would it taste like?

It would be "Midnight Mocha Strawberry''…. stimulating, bittersweet, and something red in it.
I’m also into vanilla…

2. If you could play a character in any movie – what would it be?
Lara Croft, the Angelina Jolie version.

3. What scares you the most?
Not living every day to the fullest.

4. Share a funny moment at one of your performances.
I had a short run where I was releasing EDM music and doing rave shows. This one paint rave
was pretty awesome. I crowd surfed at one point, and an important ring of my slipped off from the paint. Amazingly, later on I was crawling through the crowd trying to find my ring, and actually found it.

Another funny moment was actually when I met That Orko. He was performing in his rock band, and was spitting on the audience in that lovable rockstar way. So my story forever is that the first time I met him, he was trying to spit on me.

5. If your wardrobe could only consist of one color for the rest of your life, what
would it be?


6. What's the weirdest or most unexpected inspiration you've drawn from for one of
your songs?

I was studying for a law school exam, and inspiration struck for my song “I Don’t Cry.” The lyrics, melodies, and chords all came to me in 10-15 minutes. This was one of my best and easiest songs I’ve written. I think my brain was just trying to avoid any more reading, it was tired.

7. If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?
Tomee Profitt. I love cinematic music (it’s what I listen to 90% of the time), and I incorporate it
into my music as much as possible. Tomee has produced some of the most viral cover songs, and his TV/film catalog is insane. I think he’s extremely talented.

Wanna know more? Ask me on Instagram!

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